If you have always wanted to be a professional escort, know a good san jose escort girls

If you have always wanted to be a professional escort, know a good san jose escort girls

Currently, san jose escort girls are usually famous models or porn stars who have become luxury escorts. Each girl can spend hours entertaining with her clients or all night. These companions are in charge of doing whatever service, as they perform their services with a unique experience.

Escort girls are usually from various parts of the world with a great reputation. They are luxurious women willing to be excellent companions or to be able to have a good sexual encounter. These VIP escorts know different cultures and speak several languages. This makes them competitive.

At present, you can meet a vip escort through a recommended and modern agency. These companions are trained to offer excellent sexual encounters. They are mature women from various parts of the world.

These female escorts go to the meeting place and work discreetly with clients. A vip escort is a beautiful and prepared woman who provides a night of wine. This escort behaves in the best way, to give clients a special moment.

The best sexual positions to try with an escort

There are many reasons for clients to try different positions, to get the most pleasure. If you want to know what positions you can try when hiring an escort

Man on top: this position is usually the most common. The man gets on top of the girl and goes to bed. Many couples begin their first sexual encounter with this type of position.

Woman on top: in this position, the girl, is placed on top of the man, this type of position makes it easy for the escort to reach orgasm.

Standing: this position is somewhat complicated because both people will have to stand. Penetration can be somewhat difficult. This type of position can be done in a shower, and escorts love it.

The ideal position to have sex with an escort in a pool

Many business people like to take an escort on a pleasure trip, so knowing what type of sexual position will be the best in a pool is vital. The best option will be for the escort to position herself around the edge of the pool with her back to the man and for him to stand behind her to penetrate her. Conveniently, the pool is not so deep, so the man stretches on his back. In this way, the girl will stand on top of her, looking him in the eyes. This will allow them to live a unique experience and the greatest pleasure.

If you want to do this type of position with an escort, do not hesitate to look for a recommended modern agency.

Where to get an escort to practice the Kamasutra?

Currently, many escort agencies offer the best sexual services. This type of female is quite accommodating; think about giving her client the greatest pleasure. They are usually beautiful women with sculptural bodies.

The Kamasutra positions that these types of escorts offer are 69, the sailing boat, the dog, the hug of the panda. Clients who have tried these poses have been satisfied and have experienced a unique moment.

The vip escorts are prepared to provide a complete service so that clients frequently recommend it to their friends. These girls are sensual and take great pains to give caresses, exciting kisses. This makes her a professional lover and the best company for events, leisure, and business trips.